Services & Facilities

Home Care Unit :

Considering the patients who are very old and who cannot be taken to hospital on emergencies, VSM Hospital has started a “HOME CARE PROGRAMME” from September 14th onwards. A medical team consisting of a doctor, nurse and other paramedical staff are available for the programme. They will visit the house of such patients by ambulance and do appropriate treatment. The service of a physiotherapist and dietician will be available, if found necessary. Home Care Service is available from 8am to 5pm on all days. For availing this facility, please feel free to contact for enquiries. Mob : 8086990002



Renal health care is unaffordable to many poor patients.In cordination with some charity organisers we provide dialysis for needy people.
List of charity fund organisers
1. Chettikulangara Amma Pravasi Seva Samithi (CAPSS)
2. Melamparambil Varghese John Memorial Charities(Regd.)
3. C B Charitable Society
4. K Chittilappilly Foundation
5. Karunya Charitable Society
6. Welfare Committee of Muthoot M George Foundation


Health Insurance Services

We ensure reimbursement facilities for inpatients in association with a multitude of Insurance companies.
We entertain cashless services for below list empanelled TPA's:-
{!}United Health care Parekh TPA Pvt Ltd
{!}Religare TPAn
{!}Medicare TPA
{!}Max Bupa
{!}Health India TPA


Blood Bank:

Blood Bank maintains all information regarding the blood donation. The details about the donors and recipients are maintained. The module is linked to other modules in the software for wards and OT in the hospital, whereby, any and all blood requirement during surgeries etc. that happens in the hospital are known to the bank. Important information and parameters such as availability of blood, cross-matching between donor’s and recipient’s blood groups and blood transfusion reactions are recorded. Also, the interactions with other blood banks within a hospital or outside and delivery/receipts of blood bags between these banks or hospitals are recorded and maintained. 
Main functions of Blood Bank are:-
{!}Registration of Donors 
{!}Blood Donation 
{!}Need based request processing (Fresh Blood and Stored Blood)/cancellation
{!}Returning of issued blood bags
{!}Transfusion Details
{!}Sterility Investigations and Discard Details
{!}Inter Bank Transactions
{!}Elisa test


CT Scan Dept :

We are in tie up with RadNest Imaging Solutions, an up-coming teleradiology company based in the silicon city of India, Bangalore. The company offers a comprehensive teleradiology services to various places around the globe. RadNest Imaging Solutions is driven by the vision of effecient radiologists who are extremely professional, dedicated and hard-working.We provide round the clock service.


Preventive Health Care Check up

[+] Complete Physical Check-up 
[+] Complete Blood Count(Hb,Total WBC count,WBC Differential count,PCV,MCV,MCH,MCHC,Platelet count) 
[+] Fasting Blood sugar/PP Blood sugar 
[+] Lipid Profile(Serum Total Cholesterol,Serum HDL cholesterol,Serum LDL Cholesterol,Serum Triglycerides,Serum VLDL,LDL / HDL Ratio,TC/HDL Ratio) 
[+] LFT,TSH,HbA1C 
[+] RFT 
[+] Complete Urine Analysis(Albumin,Sugar,Microscopy) 
[+] ECG 
[+] Chest X-RAY 
[+] Ultrasound-Whole Abdomen 
[+] Medical Consultation by Physician 


Diabetic Health Care Check up

[+] Complete Physical Check-up 
[+] Complete Blood Count(Hb,Total WBC count,WBC Differential count,PCV,MCV,MCH,MCHC,Platelet count) 
[+] Fasting Blood sugar/PP Blood sugar 
[+] Lipid Profile(Serum Total Cholesterol,Serum HDL cholesterol,Serum LDL Cholesterol,Serum Triglycerides,Serum VLDL,LDL / HDL Ratio,TC/HDL Ratio) 
[+] LFT,RFT,Uric Acid,TFT 
[+] Hbs Ag,HIV,Anti HCV 
[+] Serum Electrolytes 
[+] Urine Micro Albumin 
[+] HBA1C 
[+] Chest X-RAY 
[+] ECG 
[+] Ultrasound-Whole Abdomen 
[+] Medical Consultation by Physician 
[+] Ophthalmology Consultation 
[+] Cardiology Consultation


Hyper Tension & Cardiology Master Health Check up


[+] Complete Physical Check Up 
[+] Complete Blood Count(Haemoglobin, Total WBC Count, WBC Differential Count, PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Platelet Count) 
[+] Urine RE, FBS 
[+] Lipid Profile(Serum Total Cholesterol, Serum LDL Cholesterol, Serum Triglycerides, Serum VLDL, LDL/HDL Ratio, TC/HDL Ratio) 
[+] RFT, TFT 
[+] Uric Acid, Hbs Ag 
[+] HCV, HIV 
[+] Complete Urine Analysis(Albumin, Sugar, Microscopy) 
[+] LFT 
[+] Serum Electrolytes 
[+] HbA1C 
[+] TMT 
[+] ECHO 
[+] Chest X-RAY 
[+] ECG 
[+] Ultrasound-Whole Abdomen 
[+] Cardiology & Ophthalmology Consultation



We focus on quality patient care with an emphasis on manual,manipulative therapy with electro therapy and exercise therapy. 
Our Specialities:--
{!}Neuro Rehab 
{!}Ortho Rehab 
{!}Cardio Rehab
{!}Geriatric Rehab
{!}Paediatric Rehab
{!}Womens Health
{!}Treatment of Pain
Our Rehabilitations are equipped with:--
{!}Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator(TENS)
{!}IFT(Digital Interfrential therapy)
{!}Cervical & Lumbar Traction
{!}Ultra sound
{!}Short Wave Diathermy (SWD)
{!}Paraffin Wax Bath (PWB)
{!}Continous Passive mobiliser(CPM)
{!}Infrared terapy(IRR)
{!}Electrical Stimulator
{!}Balance Board
{!}Quadriceps table
{!}Pulley Exercises
{!}Static Cycle Ergometer
{!}Wall Ladder
{!}Ankle Foot Exercises
{!}Ladder Exerciser
{!}Parallel Bar
{!}Supinator Pronator
{!}Finger Exercises
{!}Culf Weight
{!}Shoulder Wheel


Laboratory services:

Trained laboratory staffs are providing best services which include painless blood withdrawal Services of one NABL accredited laboratory are also available for carrying out specialized tests.


ECG Services:

24hours ECG services including machine report, done by trained staff.



We have a well equipped pharmacy located at the central part of the hospital ,easilyy accessible from all departments.We ensure that medicines are dispensed accurately as per the prescriptions, with the least waiting time possible.Our pharmacy staff are very courteous and take extra effort in explaining the way medications are to be consumed by the patient.


Ward/ Indoor facility:

Ward facilities for observation and management of medical problem like typhoid, acute gastroenteritis, COPD, bronchial asthma, malaria, viral fever, pneumonias etc. There are 3 wards, one special room and one well equipped emergency.


Minor OT:

Provides services for minor surgical procedure like dressing of lacerated wound, suturing of minor lacerations & resuturing, excision of corns and sebaceous cysts (done under local anesthesia.)



Patients are registered at the reception and are seen on first come, first serve basis, however out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency and senior citizen. Patients have the right to consult any doctor. In OPD, clinical consultation is provided to patients which includes history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis and providing prescription to patients besides advising laboratory tests in some cases. OPD has a waiting hall with chairs, a TV, public utilities like drinking water and toilets. Sub waiting areas are available in front of individual consultation rooms. Wheel chairs, trolleys and attendants are there to help very sick patients.


Ambulance Services:

Our well equipped ambulance vehicles provide 24 hour service for responding to emergencies and the service of a 1298 ambulance is available in our premises at anytime.


Sewage Treatment & Incinerators

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants using physical, chemical, and biological processes to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream and solid waste which can be disposed of or reused. The hospital waste water contains suspended particles, blood stains, bacteria and other pathogenic organism etc. Sewage treatment may also be referred to as wastewater treatment.
Incinerators are suitable for treating hospital waste as it renders the waste nontoxic, non hazardous, non putrescible and reduces the volume of material for ultimate disposal. These are able to kill the harmful pathogens and regarded as one of the most affordable waste-treatment process



Coffee machine service are located inside the hospital .It is an ideal spot while patients or visitors go for a light refreshment.Mixed Soups such as mixed vegetable,tomato,sweet corn and variety of snacks are available.



Newly constructed V S M cafe provides a variety of items from healthy to comfort foods. we offer regular meals ,snacks,soups & juices in an environment that provides solace and calmness to the high stressed patient bystanders.After seeking advice from qualified dietician,canteen serves for the sick people.